Kingcamp Ski Pants Women

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Climate pro fabric (this fabric is developed by the company's high-quality research and development of PU coated fabric, soft, abrasion, tear, good color, with excellent waterproof, breathable, wind effect, Waterproof> 5000MM, Moisture Permeability> 5000g / m2 / 24h, 100% Windproof) Suitable for outdoor activities such as walking, traveling, city leisure, 
2, the structure

When skiing, a well-structured ski pants not only provide protection, but also for the wearer to facilitate. 
KingCamp ski trousers legs to set a wind skirt, anti-skid oak can be better fit the upper, in the face of a small amount of snow, can prevent the fall of snow into the shoes. It is worth mentioning that, KingCamp ski pants with adjustable straps, while the use of elastic waist design, providing more freedom of movement space.

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