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Trekmates HYDRATION/TANKER CLEANING KITThis is the perfect companion to our Trekmates® Hydration Tanker, with a bristle brush and fine bristle brush you'll be able to take care of your hydration tanker better and therefore prolong its use.The item you are looking at is a brand new Outdoor Products 3 piece hydration bladder cleaning kit. The kit includes a hose brush, a bladder brush, and a bladder dryer. Easy to follow cleaning instructions are located on the back of the box. If you own any kind of hydration system that uses a bladder you have to have a cleaning kit, such as this, to keep it clean and safe for your liquids.Cleaning and drying kit Reservoir brush -Tube brush -Small brush

Trekmates Hydration tanker cleaning kit
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Showing Products 1-24 of 1 Result

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