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N.rit Owl Eyes L For outdoor lovers, there is a new practical flashlight N.rit Owl Eyes L. This is a multifunctional flashlight that can serve as a flashlight in the hand or a tent lamp. However, you can also use it as a warning light. For static lighting, you can attach this model with a loop and the included metal carabiner. A practical feature is also a built-in magnet in the back of the lamp, which allows it to be attached to metal objects. It is powered by two AA batteries, which are included in the package. LED light / flashlight possibility of mounting via built-in magnet powered by 3 × AA batteries (included) included metal carabiner for flashlight holder Partnumber:NRC6061OE-L Other parameters Energy source:AAA batteries Product dimensions Product width:4.5cm Product height:13.5cm Product depth:4.5cm Product weight:0.1kg Package dimensions Package width:13.5cm Package height:24.0cm Packing depth:4.5cm Package weight:0.2kg

N-rit Owl eyes extendable lantern NRC6061OE-L
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Rs. 2500

USE: FOR ANY TYPE OF WOOD-NATURAL WOOD, ARTIFICIAL WOOD, COMPLICATED, PARTITION WOOD PANELS PVC PIPE, ETC. GRINDED AND POLISHED BLADE: The computer-controlled grinder produces a blade grinder that narrows it towards the end by increasing the density of the blade tooth tips, it is resistant to rust, friction and leaves a smooth cutting surface. PERMANENTLY EXHAUSTED TEETH: Unlike the usual method, the teeth are sharpened with a grinder to obtain particularly sharp edges, which makes the teeth far sharper than those treated with conventional meth. The sharpness of the teeth is the same as with high quality knives. HANDLE: 1. Computer-designed ergonomically designed handle. 2. Rubber lining that prevents the handle from tearing. 3. A specially curved handle reduces the effort required by sawing, making it easier to cut hard materials. 4. The notched end of the handle prevents accidental dropping of the saw when it is loose in the hand.

MarkSports Folding Saw Green
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Rs. 1500

Jungle Bracelet: Your Ultimate Companion in the wilderness. 1.Strong threaded bracelet with strings which can come unattached to tie and hold things in case of emergance+ 2.Safety clamp to tie to the hand or hold and hang any thing to a backpack etc. it's good for support! 3.As a bracelet, it's very handy and always on you, and is unaffected by water etc, so very durable. 4.It has a compass to get your bearings when you are unsure of direction, helps read Maps ect. 5.Whistle in case of emergency to attract attention or scare animals. 6.Flint for fire starter & even work as a fishing line if required. 7.Blade for flint or as a cutter. it even helps with cutting seat belts etc and as its small in size so its not & safety hazard. 8.The blade when unclasped can also be use to reflect light to signed or attract attention. Hence this jungle bracelet is especially made in the colours of nature & is your simple and humble multipurpose survival tool.

MARK SPORTS Jungle Bracelet Khakhi Green
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Rs. 499
Showing Products 1-24 of 1 Result

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