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Description The Skylotec Seat Harness SC 124 sitZ Gr.XS-M Art.No.:GSC-0124-970-1 2.0 is about as comfortable as it gets. It's the climbing equivalent of bringing the sofa with you. Super comfy, breathable and suitable for both men and women, the SC 124 sitZ 2.0 is the perfect unisex all-rounder that allows you to sit comfortably even during long periods of hanging. And, of course, the SC 124 sitZ 2.0 has a high-tech design to ensure optimal safety as well as maximum comfort. Weight:385g Color:Grey/Orange Specifications General Type:Seat Harness Ideal For:Unisex Size:XS-M Weight Supported:1000kg Dimensions Weight:0.4kg

Skylotec Seat Harness GSC 0124 870 1 SC124 sitZ Gr
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The High Altitude from Skylotec is specially designed for high-alpine tours.Comfort The High Altitude is not designed for long periods of sitting in the harness; the padding is simply missing. However, it is also not so uncomfortable that you can pinch your legs in it. For the extreme light weight, I found the wearing comfort surprisingly good. I would definitely choose a different model for proper climbing, but that's enough for (ski) mountaineering and glacier tours. Weight & pack size In terms of weight, the High Altitude definitely makes up for the limitations discussed. At only 235 grams, it is an absolute lightweight and fully complies with the norms for loads. The very small pack size also makes it the perfect second and emergency belt. The High Altitude always fits in somewhere. The advantages and disadvantages at a glance Low weight Small pack size Load-bearing gear loops Material loops can be freely positioned Dirt and water repellent material Rethreading clasp risky for beginners Material loops do not distribute the weight optimally with a lot of material WEIGHT(G):235g GEAR LOOPS:2 Gear loops BELAY/TIE-IN:One Loop WAIST BUCKLE TYPE:Manual Doubleback LEG BUCKLE TYPE Clip SIZE CHART:XS-M Waist:68-90cm/26.8-35.4 in (we converted centimeters to inches)

Skylotec Seat Harness GSC 0119 900 1 SC119 High Altitude Gr 1
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Skylotec Child Harness Gekko SC-101 Climbing harnesses for children in award-winning designs. Skylotec has shown that children not only have to hang up in a lot of straps, but that the design must continue to be improved and developed. Here is the easiest operated full body harness on the market. Only harness and a binding point. In 2008, the harness received the "Outdoor Industry Award" for best design and functionality. Suitable for children up to 40kg. EN12277 type B Made in Germany The German company "Skylotec" has been producing professional fall protection equipment for several generations. A few years ago, all sails were set to enter the market for sports climbing equipment. And it succeeded so well that it has already received several awards for design, filed several patents and received rave reviews in several outdoor magazines. The new thinking is especially reflected in equipment for via ferrata and new climbing harnesses for children and adults. Item no. GSC-0101-200

Skylotec Gekko SC101 GSC0101 Body Harness
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Showing Products 1-24 of 1 Result

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