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further for longer - Trekmates Double Shock Insoles are constructed from revolutionary polymer gel that flows like liquid to trap shock waves at source, providing you will excellent stability on the part of your foot that applies most pressure.The enhanced arch support design featuring a moulded heel with a tapered lower profile at the toes offers and comfortable and secure fit. The Double Shock Gel Insole reduces fatigue, injury and absorbs impacts from any outdoor activity. The positioning of the red inserts helps to relieve pressure and pain on the most sensitive areas of the foot – the heel and metatarsal areas.The Double Shock Gel Insole is available in three sizes:Small: 4-7 UK sizesMedium: 8-7 UK SizesLarge: 11-13 UK SizesFeatures:Active use Shock absorptionPressure relief panelsReduces fatiguePolymer gel traps shockEnhanced arch supportMoulded heel for stabilityStrong and durableTrim to fitSoft feel top for comfort

Double shocks insoles
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The Trekmates Junior Gaiter is a lightweight gaiter constructed using Trekmates DRY™ membrane ensuring children remain dry and protected during outdoor adventures.

Junior helvellyn gaiter
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Trekmates Gaiter Straps (Pairs) One Size Product description Clothes:robust and durable can be cut to the desired length 2x as a set narrow version Material Upper material: Hypalon FeaturesType: Spare parts settarget group: gaiters Product line: TREKMATES DimensionsSize: one size fits all Colors, shapes, designs Main colour: black Weight approx.: 0,01kg Pack size:(LxWxH)10x10x5cm

Trekmates Reinforced Gaiter Straps Black
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Just slip GRIPS over your shoes or boots and significantly improve traction on ice and snow. High quality, rustproof spikes under the ball and heel of your foot provide excellent SLIP and FALL protection on slick surfaces. Grips stretch to easily fit over any type of shoe or boot (for bulky boots use 1 size up). Flexible, light-weight and compact for easy carrying and storage. Grips are not designed for technical climbing. Features: shoe spikes Prevent slipping on ice and snow 10 stainless steel spikes Easily slip over any kind of footwear (sports and street shoes as well as boots) Fully wrap toe and heel Specs: Sizes:S-L-XL Weight:220g Material:Low temperature elastomere can be used up to -40°C Colour:Black

Alpenheat Grips Shoes Black Orange
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Shoes heater WIRELESS HOTSOLE: Wireless HOTsole Alpenheat heated insoles, no more worrying about feeling cold. Using the latest technology, the feet are equipped with comfortable insulation. Wirelessly heated insoles with a heater hidden in a sock and a battery built into the insole. The device can be adjusted with the remote control. Nobody gets cold feet with us! ALPENHEAT Bootheaters keep your feet comfortably warm. MATERIAL 100% Polyester. Evaluations Cold feet? Never again! With ALPENHEAT's remote controlled WIRELESS HOTSOLE foot warmers, you will never have to worry about cold feet again. Using the latest technology, your cold feet will be quickly and gently warmed, the HEAT IS ON! The cordless heated insole has a heating element embedded in the toe/ball area of the insole and the rechargeable battery is built into the back of the insole. The heat is switched on and off and adjusted using the remote control. There are 3 different heat settings, providing up to 7 hours of heat and the HOTSOLEs are available in 2 different sizes. The POLIYOU® foam material has special properties, such as excellent breathable quality, superior ventilation, good dampness absorption, acts anti-bacterial & helps prevent athlete's foot. The soft but durable insole material enhances shoe comfort, cradling the feet and keeping you comfortably warm. Use whilst skiing, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, bicycling or as a spectator watching an ice-hockey game or football match. Especially recommended for people in wheelchairs and people working in cold conditions! Specs: Alpenheat Controller with Battery Pack: Heat duration:2.5-7 hours Rechargeable Li-Polymer batteries 3.7V/1.4Ah/5.18Wh Battery pack built into the insole Wireless controller, 3 heat settings Alpenheat Recharger 100-240V 50/60Hz: Charging time approximately 4hrs

Alpenheat Wireless Hot sole Orange
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ALPENHEAT COMFORT shoe heater Model: AH8 Standard Feet frozen to the bone are a thing of the past. With the Alpenheat Comfort shoe heater, you can indulge in the most comfortable warmth anywhere on the road. Thanks to 3 levels of heating and two heating zones, these heated inserts will become an indispensable companion on every journey for a winter adventure. Alpenheat COMFORT have an anatomically shapeable heating element with top insulating properties. These, together with the unique ability to absorb moisture, can create an optimal climate for your feet in all conditions. The heater has a compact battery pack with control electronics, which you can conveniently charge using the included Alpenheat charger. Thanks to the clip, the pack can be easily attached to a shoe or belt. You can replace the built-in rechargeable NiMH packs with any AA batteries. Specs Shoe heater 3mm high insole, adjustable for shoe sizes: 35.5 to 48.5 Fits every shoe Very durable heating element High quality shoe insole, breathable and sweat absorbing Heating time 4 to 16 hours High-capacity and powerful rechargeable AA NiMH batteries 4.8V / 2Ah / 9.6Wh, replaceable with a 4-piece AA battery Compact battery 64x30x80mm / 150g, one-button control and LED signaling, DC socket 3 levels of heating Low self-discharge extends battery life (LSD-NiMH) Smart and durable battery mount Can be snapped onto a strap or strap Handles for attachment to ski or sturdy shoes The size of the heated area is 43m² in front of the foot Battery charging time about 10 hours Heating temperature & time: Heating stage Heating time approx 1 16 hrs 2 8 hrs 3 4 hrs The above data on temperature and heating time are approximate values, as the performance actually achieved is affected by the method and time of charging, as well as the different tolerances of the batteries and microchips. The heating time data is for guidance only and is valid at an outdoor temperature of -18 ° C / 0 ° F. Set Content: 2 insoles with embedded heating elements (IS2a) 2 battery packs (BP1a) 1 charger (LG1a) 2 mounting brackets (AC4) 2 mounting clips (AC5)

Alpenheat Boot Heated Comfort 16Hr Orange
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ALPENHEAT Boot and Glove Dryer Universal Dry Model: AD2 Wet shoes, boots and gloves are quickly and efficiently dried using the Alpenheat shoe dryer UniversalDry. With its 3 different attachments the UniversalDry can dry either 1 pair or 2 pairs of shoes at the same time. Boots can also be dried quickly using the extendable, flexible tubes that reach right down into the toe area. The high performance, whisper quiet, rotary blower blasts air into the garments – optionally on one of the two heat levels, so that all kinds of shoes, boots and gloves can be dried quickly but also gently. The UniversalDry can be turned on either in the continuous mode or with the 3 hour timer.Space can easily be found for the UniversalDry due to the different mounting methods: wall or free-standing. Suitable for all kinds of footwear, whether sports, casual or everyday street shoes and especially recommended for high boots: wellingtons, winter, riding, hunting, fishing, hiking, ski and snowboarding boots! Features: Reduces odour and bacteria Dries shoes/boots/gloves/helmets/hats and other garments 3 different attachments: Adaptor for 1 pair of shoes or gloves Adaptor for 2 pairs of shoes or gloves Adaptor with flexible tubes for 1 pair of boots 2 heat settings Universal mounting methods: Wall Free-standing Specs: Weight:1kg Dimensions:L 23xH 37xW 18cm Controls: On/Off, 3 hour timer Power: 230Volt/50Hz Output: 230 Watt Set Content: 1 dryer, 3 pairs of attachments, wall mounting fixture

Alpenheat AD2 Universal Footwear DRY
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Our super lightweight Helvellyn DRY™ Gaiter uses ripstop polyester reinforcement lower panels and DRY waterproof and breathable technology on the upper panels. An elasticated ankle and rear hem keep the gaiter secure around the boot, while the zip and hook and loop storm flap prevent any mud or debris sneaking in. The snug trekking fit and and snag-free split drawcords make these an ideal choice for wear during tough adventures in the outdoors. DRY™ waterproof, breathable technology Ripstop polyester reinforcement lower panels Trekking fit, works with most standard boots Durable webbing under boot strap Zip closure with hook and loop storm flap Adjustable calf drawcord Elasticated ankle Metal laces hook at front hem Color:TM-01000 Black Weight:200g (Pair)

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