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Kingcamp KW7090 Skii Pant Mens

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After the winter, the weather quickly turned cold. The cold weather, while announcing the arrival of winter, also reminds people of the arrival of the 2010 ski season! Huaibei Ski Resort, Nanshan Ski Resort, Shijinglong Ski Resort... Quickly pick one to enjoy the feeling of cheering in the snow. Still no ski pants? How do you do it, how can you get less ski trousers in the snow? ! Choosing ski pants is usually considered from the three parts of fabric, structure and color. When skiing, especially when sliding from a higher terrain to a lower area, the speed of taxiing is fast. In this process, the human body consumes a lot of physical strength and at the same time discharges sweat, so the windproof and breathable nature of the ski pants is very important. KingCamp ski pants KW7090, KW7091 adopt Climate release waterproof and breathable fabric, waterproof 5000mm, breathable 5000g/m2/24h, the surface is treated with Teflon, all the seam parts are protected by waterproof stickers, providing perfect anti-splash and anti-oil effect. When skiing, a well-structured ski pants not only provides protection but also facilitates the wearer. KingCamp ski pants are equipped with a windproof skirt. The non-slip rubber roots can better fit the upper. In the case of a small amount of snow, it can prevent snow from pouring into the shoes. It is worth mentioning that the KingCamp ski pants have adjustable shoulder straps and an elastic design at the waist for a more free movement. ski pants should choose a color that can form a large contrast with white, such as red, yellow, black, etc., which not only can remind other skiers of their existence, but also add a touch of bright color to the ski resort. KingCamp ski pants are absolutely in line with this principle, with red, black and blue as the main color, and the modular color scheme is more fashionable.

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