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Kingcamp KW9053W 2 In1 Jacket Womens

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The east wind thawed, the locusts began to vibrate, and the spring in the twenty-four solar terms announced the end of the winter and the arrival of spring. People who crouched for a winter began their spring trip. As the saying goes: Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. If you want a perfect spring trip, complete outdoor equipment is essential.   The first is the choice of outdoor clothing, the early spring is warm and cold, complex and changeable, outdoor dress should choose a certain warmth, and light and comfortable, and adhere to the three-layer principle: inner layer of perspiration, middle layer of warmth, outer layer of waterproof and breathable .   KingCamp two-piece jacket KW9052M, KW9053W is composed of two parts: jacket and inner liner. The warmth effect is excellent. The zipper is connected by YKK zipper. It can be opened and breathable, and it can be kept warm and windproof. The flexible multi-directional adjustment hat can resist the cold wind in the early spring, and the adjustable drawstring at the back of the hat can adjust the height of the brim to ensure the wearer's vision is clear and unobstructed. As the winter goes, spring temperatures generally increase, and many places are not suitable for wearing two-piece jackets. At this time, the windproof and breathable jacket has become the best choice for outdoor travellers.   KingCamp two-layer Jackets are characterized by: wind, rain, breathable, wear-resistant, tear-proof, easy to move. Among them, the soft velvet sweat-absorbing inner collar can effectively protect the lower jaw and facial skin from being damaged; according to the ergonomic three-dimensional cutting, the garment is lighter and more comfortable to wear; the bright and vivid color helps the field identification.   It is worth noting that in the early spring, you must not wear pure cotton underwear. You should choose a quick-drying clothes or a T-shirt that absorbs sweat and breathes. Because the outdoor sports will produce a lot of sweat, the underwear of pure cotton texture can only absorb sweat and can not be breathable. The wet cotton underwear is easy to stick to the body, which is very uncomfortable.

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