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Maxsun Portable Camping Stove Black

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SPECIFICATIONS Colour:Black Dimensions:L343*W284*H113MM Weight:1.85kg(with case), 1.4kg(Without case) Body:Rolled Steel Gas cons165g/h FEATURES Porcelain enamel finished drip pan with grate Safety governor system with - Safety Shut Off: Will release the gas canister when an abnormal gas pressure occurs. (>4~6 kgf/cm2). - Safety locking: Canister lever can only be engaged if fuel supply knob is in off position and when the drip pan is turned upside down for storing or movement, the gas canister cannot be engaged into the lock position. - Safety Joint: The regulator inlet is equipped with special “o” rings. These rings expand in the lock position and seal the valve system. Plastic carry case TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS(at20°C+/-5°C) Nominal Heat Input2.2KWGas consumption160g/hCartridge to be usedMSF-1a&MSF-1(CRV)Kind of gasButaneAppliance categoryDirect pressure butane 1.Precision-machined valve/regulator with plug type tap. 2.Nonflammable steel control plate, Flame-retardant ABS control knob and level button and PAHs free plastic parts. 3.Long pan support for great stability to fit small coffee pot and large grill plate.

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