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N rit Emergency blanket NSE101

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Product Specification Material:Aluminized, non stretch polyester Usage/Application:Camping/Trekking Size:132cmx213cm Color:Silver Pattern:Silver Weight:45g Packaging:6.4x3.9x2.3cm Product Description When an emergency occurs, having one of these blankets Can make a difference.In life threatening situations whilst waiting for emergency services to arrive, First Aid can save a life. Folds down small-2.5inx3.1inx0.09in Aluminized, Non-Stretch Polyester Stays flexible in freezing temperatures Reflects ones body heat back to ones body WIND & WATERPROOF Compact lightweight blanket Aluminized, non stretch polyesterStays flexible in freezing temperatures Reflect body heat back to bodyNatural disasters are unpredicted events that can happen anytime and can leave your family without a roof and wamrth. Prepare yourself with the N-Rit Wind & Waterproof Lightweight Emergency Blanket. Weighing at only 40 grams, the emergency blanket is made of aluminized polyester that can be easily stored in emergency kits, cars, and drawers. The material reflects heat back to your body so you will always be warm.FeaturesEssential item for emergency, first aid and rescue.Need to take with you to keep body temperature or prevent hypothermia in emergency.Used for various purposes including emergency, disaster, first aid, camping, survival game, climbing, fishing, etc.Keep body temperature by reflecting over 90% of heat in a person’s body.Can be used as reflection panel for location identification in emergency.Waterproof and reusable.Specification Gender:Unisex Season:All Seasons Size:132cmx213cm Color:Silver Weight:45g Dimension:131.8x212.9cm Material:Aluminum absorption polyester

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